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Today, there is a global trend toward extending the service life of bridges. The traditional approaches used for enhancing service life are mainly indirect and concentrate on a series of isolated tasks, often omitting how they integrate with each other and the structure as a whole. CDR Maguire, basing its approach on the framework outlined in the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) “Design Guide for Bridges for Service Life” implements the  systematic, holistic approach to Service Life Design.

Our solution for sustainable bridges includes enhancing this necessary framework. We recognize that individual solutions such as concrete durability, a maintenance plan, a retrofit or replacement plan, a bridge management plan, and even life cycle cost analysis are only components of the entire framework, but they are not the framework itself.


Leading CDR’s Sustainable & Service Life Design team is Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, the principal investigator and overall coordinator of Design Guide for Bridges for Service Life, leads the CDR Maguire Service Life Design team. Dr. Azizinamini developed this framework approach, and his Service Life Design is a 12-step plan that focuses on this methodology. Using his systematic approach, project owners get a clear picture of the costs required to keep the bridge functional and a roadmap for timely interventions and other actions needed to meet the target service life of the bridge.

Durable Bridge Designs for the Future

CDR Maguire develops effective Service Life Design solutions created with accurate assessments of overall objectives, state-of-the-art technologies and processes applied by a team of highly trained professionals, and a detailed operating manual designed for knowledge transfer to future generations. We design bridges to live far beyond the people who originally design and construct them.

As leaders in the world of research and application for service life design of bridges, we are ready to assist you with cutting-edge “Solutions that Move People.”

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CDR Maguire assists clients and consultants in developing effective Service Life Design solutions.  This includes design analysis, program development, program management and independent evaluations.


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