Owner’s Project Manager



OPM services have been a mainstay at CDR Maguire for decades. And with a renewed focus on innovation, it will continue to be a strength of our business into the future. Year after year, our clients benefit from more efficient, cost-effective solutions from design through construction.

Our staff is your staff. We work side-by-side with our clients to develop a program scope and put that plan into action, even when there are multiple projects within the program. We work to ensure the completeness of plans and specifications, verify cost estimates and schedule completion abilities, reduce project duration, and develop cooperative relations.

OPM services represent CDR Maguire’s commitment to the work we produce, as well as improving the ways we work with our clients. Relationships are important to us, and with open and innovative lines of communication, we will establish a forum to exchange ideas, facilitate alternative solutions, and listen to both the financial and technical needs for every client we service.


 Our OPM Solutions:


  • Bidding & Contractor Procurement
  • CM-at-Risk Management
  • Commissioning & Turnover
  • Construction Oversight
  • Cost Estimating & Controls
  • Designer Selection & Design Management
  • Negotiation & Contract Administration
  • Program Adherence & CO Reviews