Emergency Management Projects


Project Description:

CDR Maguire is currently assisting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recover from their largest declared disaster ever – the 2015 Winter Storms (DR-4214). This $140+ million event generated almost 650 applicants and 1,250 Project Worksheets (PWs).

CDR Maguire is assisting the Commonwealth with conducting 100% validation of the PWs developed by FEMA and ensuring that all appropriate documentation is provided and only eligible costs are captured. Our team has also dealt with complex insurance issues, process improvement, direct applicant support, and significant coastal issues. Throughout the engagement, CDR Maguire is utilizing technology such as CDR Disaster Pro and SharePoint to maintain a common operating picture and complete transparency for MEMA.


Project Description:

CDR Maguire, working on behalf of Jackson County, received approval for FEMA’s first successful obligation under the Public Assistance Alternative Procedures program (PAAP) in the state of Florida. The CDR Maguire Team was also able to identify an additional $25 million in funding above FEMA’s preliminary damage assessment of $6 million through additional site assessments and by identifying mitigation opportunities.

Jackson County engaged CDR Maguire to assist as part of greater recovery efforts following severe storms that affected the Florida Panhandle in late April and early May of 2014. Numerous roads were damaged, with some being completely washed away. Working with State and Federal counterparts, CDR Maguire conducted over 1,000 site visits on more than 825 miles of roadway within a three-month period.

Through the PAAP Program, Jackson County is able to manage their dollars more effectively by enhancing projects before build back to minimally acceptable standards. These specifically targeted projects (i.e. paving roadways, raising roadways, etc.) will have a more significant benefit to the overall community.

Additional Project Highlights:
FEMA’s Preliminary Damage Assessment indicated the county had experienced approximately $6 million in disaster-related damages. CDR Maguire was able to work with the county and FEMA to successfully identify additional disaster damages, raising the total to $31 million.

In getting the first approved PAAP program in the State of Florida, the CDR Maguire Team, in coordination with the State and FEMA, has defined the process and procedures for all future applicants in the state.

CDR Maguire will continue to work with the County to ensure they recover all eligible funding, as well as identify additional grant opportunities to create a more disaster-resistance county.

USVirginIslands _s1

Project Description:

CDR Maguire was retained by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education to create tsunami evacuation and shelter-in-place plans for schools throughout the territory.

The CDR Maguire Team conducted best practice reviews, scientific literature reviews, and geospatial analyses to lay the foundation for high-quality disaster preparedness plans. Individual school visits were conducted to verify assumptions and conduct in-person planning reviews.

Individual school plans are in the process of being completed. Future deliverables during this project will include in-person and online training, as well as exercises at four school campuses.

2014 South Carolina Ice Storms

Project Description:

During February 2014, a series of ice storms cut across the Deep South. Following the event, CDR Maguire was part of a team retained by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to manage debris removal in five of the hardest hit counties: Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, and Edgefield. Overall, millions of cubic yards of debris were collected along public right-of-ways and were disposed of at approved facilities.

As part of this project, SCDOT benefited from FEMA’s new accelerated debris removal pilot program, which provided an additional 10% bonus for all debris removed within the first 30 days. This required the rapid hiring, training, and deployment of a field staff of more than 1,000 men and women within a two-week cycle. The result of this hard work was greater recovery reimbursements for the State of South Carolina.

Larimer County-Floods

Project Description:

The northern Front Range of Colorado experienced the most devastating floods to hit the state in the last 40 years. Of all the affected areas, Larimer County was one of the three most affected areas. CDR Maguire was contracted to maximize the county’s recovery efforts and has successfully recovered over $50 million in recovery and mitigation funds. Our team continues to support Larimer County’s recovery while identifying additional funding opportunities.



  • CDR Maguire effectively advocated for FEMA reimbursement of streambed debris removal to address the County’s public health and safety concerns during the 2014 spring runoff
  • We successfully argued with FEMA on the County’s behalf for asbestos abatement resulting in savings of up to $35,000 for each home slated for demolition.
  • CDR Maguire uncovered and identified hundreds of thousands of dollars for reimbursement that were expended by the County and would have otherwise been missed.

The CDR Maguire Team provided similar post-flood services to the City of Boulder.


Project Details

Since the historic March 2010 Floods, CDR Maguire has worked side by side with the City of Cranston in every disaster they’ve faced.  Our team has worked to speed their recovery efforts as well as prepare for and mitigate against future disasters. We helped City staff to navigate the various disaster recovery programs administered by the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Economic Development Administration (EDA) and others to ensure the greatest benefit to City Residents.

Our team of experts has provided a range of services including debris management, public assistance consulting, FEMA Project Worksheet preparation, grant writing and management, and hazard mitigation planning.  We also coordinated with state and federal officials on behalf of the City to reduce the burden on City staff and ensure their needs are met.

Monmouth County

Project Details

CDR Maguire Inc. was retained by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management to write three (3) emergency management plans and conduct three (3) tabletop exercises all within a three (3) month time period.

The company worked with stakeholders to coordinate safe and cost effective removal of debris following a natural or man- made disaster, expedite recovery efforts and ensure the community of maximum reimbursement, if declared a federal disaster area.

Cranston-Rhode Island

Project Details

The town of Clinton, CT retained CDR Maguire to provide disaster recovery technical assistance and debris monitoring after Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy.

The company also assisted the town in navigating through various disaster programs such as the FEMA Individual and Public Assistance processes in order to maximize their federal reimbursement.

Bristol - Rhode Island

Project Details

CDR Maguire was retained by the Town of Bristol to compile data and prepare project applications for the CDBG-DR grant and the EDA Supplemental Appropriation Disaster Relief Opportunity.

The Town has been notified of an approximately $1 million award for CDBG-DR and $2.9 million from EDA for their infrastructure project.