Civil Engineering Projects


Project Details

CDR Maguire prepared planning and construction documents for the modernization of a new ferry terminal pier in Oak Bluffs.

Featuring a new, reoriented ferry berth, transfer bridge, and berthing and fender systems, all solutions were phased to allow for full operational service of the ferry and terminal during the season.

Other activities included subsurface geotechnical boring/testing program, traffic and parking studies, wave and litoral drift analysis, in addition to preparing all state and federal permits.


Project Details

CDR Maguire provided planning and design services for the University of New Hampshire Ecoline Pipeline, which included permit and easement applications to connect the schoolʼs new combined heat-and-power plant (COGEN) with the landfill, all while avoiding wetland impacts and other environmental concerns.

UNH was the first university in the nation to undertake a landfill gas project of this magnitude, making it one of the greenest campuses in the country.

The pipeline ran through the Spaulding Turnpike, Pan Am/B&M Railroad right-of-way, and university property within several towns.

5.Water Mian and Lead Services_Proj

Project Details

The CDR Maguire/OʼBrien & Gere LSR Joint Venture team was contracted to manage the replacement of 25,600 lead water services for the Providence Supply Board, which supplies drinking water to 60% of Rhode Island.

The team manages the planning, design, and scheduling of LSRs; public outreach and education; as well as monitoring and maintaining EPA compliance.

Program management services also include municipal/utility coordination, preparation of bid documents, bid/award services, construction administration, and inspection services.


4.Phillip J. Holton_Proj

Project Details

The Providence Water Supply Board retained CDR Maguire to evaluate, design, and provide construction services to effectively improve the operation and performance of the Holton plant. Originally built as a state-of-the-art facility in the 1920s, today the plant has a maximum capacity of 144 million gallons per day and remains the largest water treatment facility of its kind in New England.

Results include standardizing filter units to use dual-media sand and anthracite, a revised piping gallery configuration, improvements to various influent structures, and an upgrade to its carbon dioxide treatment system.

In addition, CDR Maguire, OʼBrien & Gere, and Process Research Solutions are collaborating on two special water quality studies – a CO2 effectiveness study and an iron pipe study.


Project Details

CDR Maguire was contracted by the Town of Falmouth to design and provide construction administration services for its wastewater treatment facility.

The project involves construction of new wastewater treatment facilities, as well as construction of five new filtration basins to reduce environmental impact in West Falmouth Harbor.


Project Details

CDR Maguire provided engineering services to assist the Gardner Department of Public Works in the evaluation of phosphorus and copper treatment at its wastewater treatment facility. Successful implementation allowed the plant to meet its 2004 NPES permit, based on pilot studies and recommendations on the use of chemical salt precipitation.

CDR Maguire continues to work for the city in evaluating various treatment processes to further reduce effluent phosphorus, ballasted flocculation, and DAF, along with other process modifications to improve the plant.