Alternative Project Delivery


A Solution for Every Situation

In today’s environment of tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, it’s important to look for alternative solutions for your infrastructure challenges. While traditional procurement methods can be slow and costly, CDR Maguire’s unique ability to provide Alternative Project Delivery means faster, more effective, and more cost-efficient project completion for our clients.


Public Private Partnership (P3)

When public and private entities form partnerships, municipalities and governments gain access to ingenuity and innovation to meet their infrastructure needs. Ideal for transportation projects, P3s encompass a wide range of functions including project conceptualization and origination, design, financial planning and finance, construction, operation, maintenance, toll collection, and program management.

Benefits of P3 Projects:

  • Utilize innovative project financing by leveraging private capital, monetizing existing assets, and gaining life cycle efficiencies
  • Foster best practices by transferring risk to the party most capable of managing it
  • Increase public control and accountability by specifying desired performance standards


Find funding for much-needed infrastructure projects that cannot be completed under current budgets, and create new revenue sources for the future.






Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC)

The CM/GC delivery method gives owners greater input on the design of the project while providing more accurate cost estimates. With CM/GC projects, the owner engages the contractor in a two-phase agreement, one as a consultant to assist with design development, and the second as a more general contract for project completion.

Benefits of CM/GC Projects:

  • Gain control and oversight of the design with a cost-conscious process while utilizing a third-party estimator and periodic pricing
  • Increase savings with fewer cost overruns and change orders
  • Utilize a competitive process that leads to best value selection based on price and technical score


Lend more input to project design and gain cost certainty with a two-phased agreement with the contractor.


Design-Build (D/B)

D/B projects combine design and construction efforts into a single point of responsibility, eliminating the need for a bid process prior to construction. This means less risk, efficient completion, and greater budget control for the project owner.

Benefits of D/B Projects:

  • Transform the relationship between designers and builders to foster collaboration and teamwork
  • Improve speed and economic efficiencies by joining the talents, means, and methods of both the designer and the contractor
  • Increase accountability by selecting one team that is held accountable for costs, schedule, and performance


Increase time and budget efficiencies by eliminating the need for a “bid” process between the design phase and the construction phase.